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New Alchemist Records artist: One in A Googolplex

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

We’ve got a new artist on the Alchemist label: One in a Googolplex. He is a cool, young cat from Germany who follows the current pattern of DIY Alchemist artists in that he plays and records everything on the album. His music his hard to describe but it reminds me of Can, Belle and Sebastian, Mum, and Takako Minekawa. It’s too weird to be pop, too pop to be folk, and too acoustic to be electronic. It’s good , orginal and modern. We’ll be releasing 2 records of his next tuesday the 28th. You can listen his newest “Hands” here. Here is a link to a free song from it “Accents yet unspoken”.

If you’re in the central OK area, Eric and I will be playing what will probably be Eric’s last show of the year here, tomorrow night at Othello’s. Hope to see U there.