It all started when I ran across a cool blog called egg city radio with lot’s of weird, interesting and downright great albums for download. Amongst the gems there is 4 different versions of the Blade Runner soundtrack which can be found here. I downloaded the “Esper Edition” and jammed to it as I drove to and fro making gardens in the surreal heat of summer. Having never really listened to the soundtrack separated from the film I was struck by what an awesome piece of work It is. From the expansive and ominous yet hopeful (prologue and main titles) to the sweet and mellow (with awesome 80’s sax) (love theme and I dreamt music) and the beautiful (memories of green) this is a great collection of songs! There are elements and tracks on here that I don’t particularly love, mainly the more beat oriented tracks (End Titles and Blush Response) and some of the cheesier sounds but the high points definitely make up for the not so high. The Esper edition also contains lot’s of weird sound effects, dialogue and some of the other non Vangelis tracks from the movie that help set the mood. The heart of what I love about the sound of this is the Yamaha CS 80. Apparently weighing in at over 200 lbs. this beast has a really unique and enthralling sound. For the total BR nerd there’s a nice little article on the recording of the soundtrack at the awesomely title Blade Zone site. Here’s a few relevant videos for your viewing pleasure.

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