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Primitive Ghosts

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Primitive Ghosts

Primitive Ghosts

Primitive Ghosts

Primitive Ghosts

Luscious Skin Ventriloquist

Monday, May 14th, 2012

We’ve got a new Alchemist tape out tomorrow. It’s by my good friend Kyle Comb’s project Luscious Skin which he’s formed with the very talented songwriter and vocalist Rhys Ziemba. They’ve concocted a very fresh sound that draws from their various influences of Tropicalia, Afro Pop and the like, but mutates it into something new. Here’s the title track to whet your whistle. Pick up a copy of the cassette and stream the album here.

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Softoft Techech

Monday, March 26th, 2012

I don’t think have posted anything here about our latest Alchemist release but the tapes are finally in so now is a good time. It’s from Brooklyn based programmer, musician and artist Paul Slocum under his new Softoft Techech moniker. He made a name for himself with his first band Tree Wave which made Shoegazey sounding stuff with Atari game consoles, dot matrix printers, and Commodore 64s all using software that Paul himself wrote. Some of his software went on to be sold as game cartridges for the Atari and Commodore that turn said machines into wicked Synths (see videos below). In more recent times Paul has started making cool iPhone apps one of which, Sir Sampleton, is a nice little sampler app that works kind of like a Casio SK1 or Yamaha VSS sampling toy Synth. The EP we’ve released struck me when I heard with the wild freshness of it’s sound. It’s got all kinds of layers that build and build into poly-rhythmic mayhem topped with celestial sounding voices and grimy undercurrents. It’s kind of like his 8bit Shoegaze stuff but warped and mangled into future primitive Techno mini jams. The closest comparison I would make would be The Field but this is a lot funkier and less self indulgent in terms of song length. The EP is available on c15 cassette (see photos) for 7 bones and also digitally via iTunes, Emusic etc. Purchase and stream it here and visit the world of Paul Slocum here. Here’s a free track for a taste.

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Bilumsman video

Monday, October 24th, 2011

My brother Eric continues to put out some great videos from his recent killer LP The Friend Is This Animal. Last week the latest video was premiered by Get Off The Coast and it’s a really meditative and ethereal visual treat that compliments the music perfectly. It’s directed by cinematographer and director Jeffrey Palmer. Check it out here and track the whole album down too.

Arrange ‘Plantation’ on Alchemist cassette

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

Awesome debut from damaged ambient R&B artist Arrange will be out on c30 cassette for 7$ from Alchemist July 12th. Pitchfork gave the album a really good reviewcalling it “patient and quietly stunning”. Check it out and pick up a copy here. The artist himself is putting it out on vinyl as well. Snag that from his bandcamp. The cover art was done by the collage maestro Jesse Treece and I did the tape layout.

new album out today!!!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

It’s out today at long last:The Alpha Future. I had hoped to do more stuff leading up to the release but as usual other things got in the way. I do however, have more new things coming your way soon. The video for ‘Should Have Been A Beekeeper’ will be out shortly and I’m already working on new material with new angles. For now order the album on cd, c44 tape or digitally here.
t h e a l p h a f u t u r e

‘Illusions’ + Alchemist Video Series1

Friday, May 20th, 2011

We’re featuring an informal kind of video thing over at Alchemist. My contribution is a stripped down live version of ‘Illusions’ from the new album. Here’s the vid. check out the others here.

New Alchemist tape by GDC out now

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

In the words of the astute blog Auxiliary Out, “Vermont pop genius Zach Phillips (Horse Boys, Sord, Nals Goring, OSR Tapes etc.) has delivered unto us a motherf***in’ faux-French masterpiece”. This incredibly unique c30 cassette is now available for a mere 7$ here from the Alchemist collective. Written and recorded in a mere 8 days this tape is part of the prodigious output of 12 albums that Zach has been streaming out over the last year under many different guises and on many different labels including Feeding Tube, Night People and his own OSR tapes. I’m stoked to be putting out what stands as one of his most brilliant and accessible albums. This will apparently be the one and only album to bear the GDC name and this is an edition of 100 so get one whilst the getting is good. For more information on the world that is Zach Phillips see his blog and if you haven’t done it yet, check out this standout track and attune your eyeballs to some photos of the tapes in all of their multi-hued glory (designed by yours truly):

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Local Winds ep design

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Here’s some photos of the design process for the Local Winds debut ep In The World Of Ours…. A picture is worth a thousand words so I will not bore you with the latter. The photo by Haley Luna is the centerpiece of it all.

Local Winds EP

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Next up on the Alchemist release schedule is a truly great little ambient voyage of an EP called In The World of Ours… It’s by new artist Local Winds (aka Scott Dickson aka Closed Cassette) and it’ll be out Feb. 22nd on ltd. tape, mini cd and digital.
There are a lot of ambient and noise releases coming out these days and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff but Scott’s attention to detail, choice of sounds, and ability to make captivating tracks from minimal components make this a standout in the field. Another striking thing is the sense of an economy of time that brings ambience into more of a pop format. The tracks are like little daydreams or the short dreams that we used to have as kids when we foolishly made ourselves pass out for fun. Most of the tracks rely heavily on lush synth pads but there are lots of other interesting sounds and some very nice minimal beats and throbs.
In Eno’s liner notes to the seminal Music For Airports (a personal favorite of mine) he said that “Ambient Music is intended to induce calm and a space to think”. Local Winds debut will do this and more…..
Purchase a copy of the EP here (mini cd 7$, tape 6$)and/or stream it in the player below. Yours truly handled the graphic design (more on that to come).