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Gaillardia “Amber Wheels”

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Kale Flower

Thursday, May 6th, 2010


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Rye and Wheat harvest

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Here in the midst of winter is a good time to reflect back on the warm days of summer. With that in mind here is a little slideshow of the Rye and Wheat harvest in my front garden. Though the results produce only enough for a small loaf of bread, the process is a good way to reconnect with the source of our real sustenance and the ways of our ancestors. I grow the grains as a winter cover/compost crop that protects the soil, provides organic matter for the soil in the form of extensive roots and provides lots of carbonaceous material for my compost piles. Most of it is harvested before the grain matures so that I can put in spring and summer vegetables but I leave a section in to mature and harvest. Here’s the process:

What I and I is not

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

I came across this amusing little non bio today.  Some of it needs a little updating but WTH:

What we are not
I and I is not a typical band in many ways.  It is not the type of band were person A plays instrument A, person B plays instrument B and so on.  I and I may not even be a band as such.  I and I is not currently consisting of any one over the age of 35 nor under the age of 25.   I and I’s music is not easily described.  I and I did not exist before spring of ’05.  I and I is not adverse to the idea that mackeson triple stout is the best beer on the planet, although any beverage purveyed by the Hawks brewing co. could be argued to hold that claim.  I and I does not hate computers.  I and I is not limited to musical pursuits but is currently focused on them.  I and I does not sound like anything but I and I, but some people may notice similarities with other things they have heard.  The people involved with I and I do not wish to tell you that they have hobbies ranging from organic gardening, bycicling, illustrating, baseball, travelling, architecture, reading, designing and wood working.  I and I is not confined to using a set of instruments i.e. only acoustic instruments or only guitars, bass, and drums.  I and I would not argue with the fact that your time could be more well spent.  I and I does not mind telling you that eating is itself an agricultural act.  I and I is not solely the work of Adam Sarmiento.  I and I is not located in one place but most of the persons currently involved live in Norman, OK usa.  I and I is not happy with the state of the world but is not always sad or mad about it either.  I and I’s songs are not auto biographical but are nonetheless influenced by real events.  I and I’s songs are not solely about dreams but many of them are.  I and I is not the first project of the persons who make up I and I.  I and I isn’t strictly anything but is not strictly nothing.  I and I is considering the idea that less is more but is open to the fact that this statement should be followed up by the qualifying statement “more or less”.  I and I will not go away unless there is a nuclear holocaust that wipes out all humanity and it’s digital and analog forms of music storage.  I and I refuses the notion that we are strictly material beings that should concern ourselves only with things material.  I and I does not believe in religion but does not begrudge others the right to theirs.   I and I does not like elitism.  I and I is not rock music but is informed by all previous forms of music.  I and I are not solely inspired by astronauts.  I and I is not sure if it will always be this way.  I and I and it’s members are not staring at you through tiny cameras in your computer screens as you read this.  I and I is nothing more that the music made by people using the name I and I.

Fall Garden

Monday, September 28th, 2009

This year is the third season of my front yard vegetable garden and I’m having the best fall tomato harvest thus far!  Lot’s of material for salsa and gazpacho.  The key has been the discovery  that spider mites are basically decimating the central Oklahoma tomato crop.  For the last 2 years I have thought that it was some kind of disease killing my plants like blight or something but after looking at the leaves under a microscope and taking a  sample to the local extension office I found the real culprit.  Regular applications of a Pyrethrin (a plant based insecticide derived from pyrethrum Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium) based spray as much as twice a week seems to do the trick of controlling these little devils.  It’s a bit costly and laborious but I haven’t found any other good way to handle it.  Hopefully as the soil fertility increases, my plants will become more resistant to the mites.  Two varieties that seemed to show more natural resistance this year were: Cherokee Purple (one of the tastiest purple slicers) and Costaluto Genovese (an ugly looking but tasty Italian variety).  Below are some photos of various recent specimens.  The strange thing about the spider mite problem is that not many gardeners here seem to know about it and they therefore tend to attribute the death of their Tomato plants to heat.  Consider this a public service announcement to those in central Oklahoma.  Beware the spider mite!

Spring Garden

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009